ImageI’m so excited for the return of Doctor Who that I’m not even going to bother to think of a clever title for this post. And right off the bat, I have to say I’m so happy they brought back using the face of the current doctor in the title sequence. Let’s face it, we all start to get a little tired of what was basically the same exact intro for the last six years. They actually changed it starting with the Christmas special (the one that reintroduce Clara Oswald) but I never wrote anything about that one so I’ll just relate my joy to you now.


Next, I’m going to warn you now that there be spoilers for the rest of this post. I love what they’re doing with Clara so far. Not so much the overall theme that there is something weird about her life that The Doctor needs her to be his companion so he can figure her out (we got enough of that between River Song and Amy Pond already, I think) but the fact that she’s the best combination of the above mentioned characters. She’s a regular person like Amy Pond, but thanks to the odd set of events that occurred to her in this episode, she’s become a computer savvy genius. So we have the commonality and sassiness of Amy Pond, mixed with the wit and intelligence of River Song.  I also can’t begin to say how perfect Jenna-Louise Coleman’s chemistry is with Matt Smith. Her flirtatious nature and quick wit works perfectly to counter Matt Smith’s quirkiness and boy-like charm. The only thing that would make this better would be reintroducing Strax to the situation (“Sir, please don’t discuss my reproductive cycle with enemy girls!”).


Anyone who watches the episode can see how perfect their chemistry is from their first interaction over the phone. Just in the way Clara asks her question about the internet, we get a perfect sample of her playfulness. Most people would call IT and complain that they can’t seem to connect to their wifi. But not Clara, what does she say? “Ah, hello, I can’t find the internet. It’s gone, the internet. I can’t find it anywhere. Where is it?” As if the internet is an actual object that a complete stranger on the phone can help her locate. This is then only matched by the look of shock and excitement in The Doctor’s face as he hears her recite “run you clever boy and remember” in an attempt to remember the password to the stupid wifi. Their flirtatious chemistry continues  through the entire episode, from arguing over who can hack the enemy’s computers better, to Clara questioning whether The Doctor pitches the same line to everyone he wants to get into his “snog box” (I’m sorry Sexy, I don’t know why Clara felt the need to insult you like that). I can honestly say I’m more excited to see Clara interact more with The Doctor than I am to find out her secret. Can’t wait for next week to get here!


To top it all off, we get the return of a potentially great villain that was introduced during the Christmas Special: The Great Intelligence, who happens to be the mastermind behind all the wifi villainy of this particular episode. Just rethinking about the episode gives me frightful thoughts of what being on the internet right now might do to me. He seemed a great character and it’s good to see that his story is not yet over.

tennat 50

On a final note, BBC announced that Tennant, Piper, and John Hurt will all be involved in the 50 year anniversary special for Doctor Who, so Who fans have even more to look forward to this season. GERONIMO!