Hello, I’m the Doctor! – Doctor Who Series 7 Premiere

It feels like it’s been forever since Series 6 ended; the craving for new episodes made worse with each passing day. It got especially bad once the previews for the new series started popping up all of the internet. It was hard, keeping myself satisfied by re-watching old episodes was working less and less. By finally I was able to feed my addiction with the Series 7 premiere, and it did not disappoint.

Save…Us. SAVE US!

Man does Moffat know how to start off a series, and started it off big this time. Within the first five minutes, the Doctor Who universe takes us back to Skaro and gives us the Dalek Parliament, complete with every single dalek form that we’ve seen recently (including some of the rainbow colored ones…mistakes were made). So we have the gang back together, trapped on a dalek ship, and only alive because for once the daleks have something on their mind besides killing the Doctor. The gang now has their first assignment for the series: go down to the Dalek Asylum (a planet where crazy daleks are dumped) and turn the force field back on so the crazies don’t escape and kill all the “sane” daleks (though, to my dismay, we had no cameo appearance from the magnificent dalek Caan, I miss you, you little bugger). And of course, in Doctor Who fashion, what follows is some zany action, some cleverness, and a lot of running.

Amy and Rory

I don’t know who thought it would be a good idea to go in this direction, but once again Amy and Rory find themselves in relationship-related trouble. This time, they’re filing for divorce. I love them as companions but this Ross and Rachel on again off again relationship is starting to feel a bit forced (I immediately regret making this reference and apologize to everyone. I’m disgusted with myself right now). First she forgets she loves him, then she forgets he exists, then he has to wait around for 2000 years, then time stops and she forgets him again, and now she dumps him. Poor guy just can’t catch a break. So they’re broken up, and it turns out Amy gave Rory up because she thinks he wants kids, but after Demon’s Run she doesn’t. Two minute of conversation later, while the Doctor is saving everyone, and they’re back together and happy again. One would think that if they found the time in a life threatening situation to sort out their issues, they could have done it before the Doctor showed up. Like I said, it felt like a forced, and possibly unneeded plot point. But no matter, they’re back together.

On the plus side, Whovians may remember that Series 6 established that Amy became a model during the time that the Doctor was traveling by himself, and it was fun to see them bring that back for us in the first Amy scene where she’s posing for photos. Also fun to see an always appreciated Night of the Hunter reference (though they marked her hands wrong).

Also, Amy once again starts to/actually does take the form of the enemy. In Series 5, Prisoner 0 takes her subconscious, then she almost became a weeping angel when it ingrained itself in her eye, then she’s taken by the vampire fish people to be made into one of them, then her mind is used to set up the Pandorica scene. In Series 6 it turns out that up until Demon’s Run, she was actually just a doppelgänger made of “the flesh.” And now she almost turns into a dalek clone; she just can’t stay out of trouble, can she?

Oswin (major spoilers below)

Oswin may have been the brightest moment of the episode, which is saying a lot considering I loved the episode. She’s a tech savvy girl who crash landed on the Dalek Asylum and has spent the last year causing trouble for the daleks, while stuck in her little space ship. She’s clever, she’s pretty, she’s cheeky, and she can flirt with the best of them, as both Rory and the Doctor have the pleasure of finding out. The gang’s mission now b ecomes two-fold: turn the forcefield back on, and save the girl, all without getting killed by the daleks. As the episode progresses, questions start popping up of how she’s been able to survive this long in her little ship with minimal to no supplies. And, as smart as she is, the doctor finds it hard to believe that she’s been able to hack into the dalek system so easily. The devastating moment comes at the end when the Doctor gets to the bottom of the situation. The reason she’s survived this long, and can mess with the daleks so easily, is because those bastards made her a dalek. “Is it real to you?” The Doctor asks her, “It’s a dream. You dreamed it for yourself because the truth was too terrible.” And then we see what they’ve really done with her.

The cockpit she thought she was in, was the dalek body the whole time. They didn’t just turn her into a dalek clone, like what was happening to Amy, they took her mind and transplanted it into a dalek shell. This doesn’t get her down though, sometimes the facts just don’t really tell the truth; her body may be dalek, but her mind was still human, and this is how she decides to go out. “I am Oswin Oswald, I fought the daleks, and I AM human. Remember me.” She then gives the order that the Doctor loves to give so often, and tells him to run back to the teleporter as the Asylum explodes around him. She finished off with one last favor to the Doctor and erased his existence from the memory of all daleks.

What a bittersweet ending to the Series Premiere. We lose Oswin, but then again, she wasn’t really there at all. The Ponds are back together with their marital issues out of the way, and, most importantly, Doctor Who is back on tv, though I find it a cruel punishment to make me wait a full week for the next episode. It feels so good to be back in the Whoniverse, and I can’t wait for the rest of the series! Especially because we’re all still waiting for Dorian’s prophecy to come true, “silence must fall when the question is asked.”