The Decline and Fall of Weeds


Yesterday was the Season 8 premiere of Weeds. Today is the premiere of my first negative review on this blog. Before I get on my rant, let’s just go back and look at the series from the beginning. Seasons 1-3 were, in my opinion, simply wonderful; must watch television. We were presented with a seemingly suburban family, except that the mother is a drug dealer. The kids are sex crazed at times, and delinquent at times, but nothing you wouldn’t expect from such a family, especially considering they just lost their father. The writing was fun, light, never something that had to be taken too seriously. Then season 4 came, and things took a turn. From season 4 to 7, we watched the writing slowly devolve, the situations and plot become more and more ridiculous, and the scripts change from something that was at least quasi-believable, into every episode trying to one up the previous in terms of how ridiculous the story and the dialogue can become. By the end of season 7, we have Nancy sexually manipulating everyone (men and women alike), an older son in a turf war with her, and a younger son who has managed to infiltrate the police force to help his family thrive in the drug world.


So now we get to the premiere of season 8/finale of season 7. Most of you know by now that the last season ended (and this season started) with a Sopranos rip off of wondering whether or not someone was shot and/or killed. Turns out, Nancy is shot, she’s still alive, and she’s rushed to the hospital. Fine, works for me. Then the insanity begins.

The Ambulance Scene

The woman is shot in the head. Bleeding profusely. The EMT is trying to talk to her to keep her awake and she’s somehow still able to make sexual jokes about his long fingers, then scolds him for snapping at her son. Granted, I’ve never been shot and I’ve never been awake whilst under such heavy sedation that she must have been under. But, give me a fucking break, the writers can’t honestly be trying to say that someone who was just shot in the head could be cognizant enough to still joke around the way she did in this scene.
The Cops Arrive
The scenes just get more ridiculous from there. Next we have Shane returning home, where he first gets a barrage of questions from old, nosy neighbors, then ambushed by moronic police. The neighbors were already unbelievable (I don’t mean that in a good way). They’re told someone was hurt, and that the loud bang was a gunshot, yet they act as oblivious as ever, complaining more about the noise and mess than showing surprise/fear/shock that someone was actually shot in their neighborhood. Then a gang of idiot cops show up and Shane has to explain to them where to canvas the crime scene, and to not step in the huge pool of blood on the floor. This all ends with the king of the idiotic cops turning to him and saying “I’m watching you” to which Shane responds in like and flips the bird. I’m sorry, I don’t buy it. In what fucking world would a cop actually turn to the son of a victim of a shooting and warn him that he’s being watched? Again, we’ve fallen under the realm of slightly surreal, but believable, and into the realm of pure silliness for the sake of silliness.
The Hospital Administrator
Then we had the arrival of this cunt; the hospital administrator. Clearly the writers just went off the deep end with this scene. The family just hears that Nancy is in a coma, and this woman arrives to get their billing. She bursts in with her faux, high spirits, showing no sympathy for the worried family, and pretentiously announces that this is a private hospital and they have to pay up. This is followed by a diatribe of how we are in America, and not one of the other dozen countries that have some form of universal health care. What is the point of this scene? To make a political statement? To just show us a bitchy hospital worker for the sake of shits and giggles? Again, I don’t buy it. We’re not in the quasi-surreal world anymore, we’ve clearly crossed the thin line in to the world of Looney Tunes, and a very loud and obnoxious Daffy Duck just showed up to berate a family about their payment plan.
Visiting Nancy’s Room
The episode is at rock bottom at this point. The next series of scenes are the various family members visiting Nancy’s room and showing complete disregard for both her and the poor guy asleep next to her. First Shane and Silas steal food from the other patient, flop the food on Nancy’s body, and casually chat away as if nothing’s wrong. Doug comes in right after, and decides that it’s a good idea to feel her up and look down her hospital gown; nothing funnier than sexual assault of a coma patient. The icing on the cake comes when Andy decides to have sex with Nancy’s sister in the room, right after she pulls a vagina weight out of her and flops it onto the other patient’s body. This isn’t even plot worthy material anymore, just a sad attempt at shock factor, which I doubt achieved its purpose with anyone.
This show is border-lining on unwatchable. Maybe it’s already crossed the border. I’m fighting with two arguments in my head, the first saying that I should keep watching because I’ve gotten this far and want to see the end, while the second tells me that this show has become  a fucking waste of time. Maybe the next episode will pull me out of the dispair that this one has put me into, and give me enough strength to finish the season and/or series, but I doubt it. I’m finding it harder and harder to care about what happens to these clown characters, and f you’re at the point that I’m at, all I can suggest is to just cut the chord and get away. Breaking Bad will start soon enough, and we can watch a real drug dealing badass at work.

6 thoughts on “The Decline and Fall of Weeds

  1. Its funny how Weeds and Breaking Bad both essentially started out in the same place but over time have taken entirely different directions in terms of plot, tone, AND quality.

    • I agree, though Weeds was always meant to be a bit more whimsical and lighthearted. Both went further than we expected them to with the plot. But BrBa’s success is, in my opinion, due to the plot never really leaving the realm of possible; not probable, but possible. Weeds, once they left the suburbs was just a nosedive into “what’s the most ridiculous situation we can put Nancy into?”

  2. i used to like Weeds, but im just gonna ride out the series. when u havew a dark comedy, a villain like Nancy has to be likeable, but i want her character to die. each twist is more un-f-believable

  3. Yeah, I don’t know why you’re watching Weeds. I stopped watching after Season 5 and season 4 & 5 were borderline unbearable. Seasons 1-3 were AWESOME, and I wish the show would return to the old format of ‘Soccer mom sells dime bags in suburb California’. Its unbelievable at this point. I watched season 6, episode 1 and said, “Fuck this shit!” and stopped watching. I feel like I have attention deficit disorder when I’m watching the new seasons.
    And even if the show returned to its original format, I think its too late. The damage is done.
    Breaking Bad is doing so well because they never made the show unbelievable. Yeah, a kingpin druglord is a bit unbelievable, but the executed the story was well-done. Breaking Bad’s Walter maintains his life as normal as possible whereas Nancy Botwin is, literally, all over the place. Its sad a show I loved is being whored-out and milked to the last drop…just end the madness!

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